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You would like to improve the efficiency of your marketing and sales channels? Want to get a better insight into what your competitors are doing? Need to contact all e.g.: restaurants in your region? Want to analyze customer behavior? Would like to automate repeating tasks? If the answer is yes to any of these you are at the right place. Fill out our short contact form or book a call to tell us a little about your business and we can get you a tailored service.



Most of the sales related tasks are time and money consuming, inefficient, monotonous and just feels like a waste of energy. Our data collecting, analysing and automation services help you save time with these inhumane tasks. So you can focus on your costumers and your product.

  • Data Scraping

  • Data Analysis

  • Marketing Automation

  • Sales Automation

  • More Custom Services

⬤ 01. Challenges

Getting an extra audience of
worldwide users engaged in
a new visual identity, by
letting them quick touring.

Ohio is a global leader in retail marketing, with over 5,000 staff. At the start of 2020, was ready to launch their new visual identity but faced a recognizable challenge: how to get all 80,000 engaged?

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